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Tuesday, November 8

I am already tired of Fall decorations ...........

Well I am already tired of Fall decorations.....so-o-o-o-o

I went out and bought some chicken dishes !
Bought the chickens in the center of the table too.
Thought you might like to see the hen tassle I made .
These cups are huge ! I think they might be soup mugs.
Shhhhhh ........ this little set was a steal .
Whoops I cut that little chickens head off !
Hope she doesn't start runing around , LOL .
I like his colors, don't you .

Now there is a story behind this little one.When I bought these two little girls and brought them home, the minute I hit the door with them.....I dropped them ,yep I sure did , dropped them onto the kitchen cabinet and broke her tail off ! Well I said a bad word , let me tell you I was one mad mama . So I thought about it all night and the next morning I glued her tail back on !
I usually never glue anything, I just toss it . I couldn't go back and buy another one cause I would have to drive 150 miles one way to get her. So I glued her and I thought ,oh my the crack is still going to show so I thought I know I will put a bow on her butt ! Then I got to looking at how her head was turned so I took one of the streamers and glued it to her mouth for a little humor . I was needing some humor girls !! Does it look too ignorant ?

Well I guess she is a keeper now.


Chris said...

I think that is one of the most clever fixes I have ever seen! I might even do the same thing, even if my hen didn't have a broken tail!


bj said...

HAAHAHAAAAAaaaaa...you are sooo cute, Theresa.
I LOVE that chicken with the bow on her butt...it looks precious and probably cuter than before you broke her. I love it and all your new chicken dishes.
I am so glad to see you are feeling well enuf to go shopping and have fun with your dishes again.
{{{{ HUGS }}}} bj

Beverly said...

I know fall is not your favorite time of year, so I'm not at all surprised you were ready for a change.

And, it all looks great. I love your new dishes. And, you have convinced me that all chickens need a bow on their butt. Perhaps, a bow on the butt would help everyone by giving us a smile.♥

Theresa said...

I love your decor change! My kitchen is decorated with chickens and roosters:) I love the fix on the broken tail and BRILLIANT to glue the end of the ribbon to the mouth!

Where did you get those dishes? Would love to find a set for my kitchen:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Shelia said...

Hi Theresa! So good to hear from you! I love you idea of geting over fall decorating1 I may have to try that! :) I love your dishes and you've set a lovely table with them. Sorry about breaking the tail of your chick but the bow looks cute! :)
Hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

The bow on her butt is darling! Who doesn't love a sassy "chick"!
Hope you are still feeling great!
deb :)

jeanne said...

Good morning Theresa, I am taking fall down this weekend. We will be in Fl for Thanksgiving and I need to get started on Christmas. Just like the stores. HA! We are havng a big Christmas party and need lots of time to decorate.

I adore your chickens. The dishes are just chicken perfect. That is a sad story about your chicken's tail. However, it has a very happy ending. I LOVE the clever ribbon idea. It is perfect. You are so smart to think of the ribbon. I am sure I would not have thought of it, so kudos to you my friend.

Have a happy day and feel good.
Love, Jeanne

Toyin O. said...

Everything looks great, thanks for sharing.