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Monday, October 24

Come on in ...............

Well I did what I said I wasn't going to do this Fall ........ and that is , I wasn't going to buy any Fall decorations ! Well.......... I just couldn't pass up the gold punkins from Micheals , now could I ? They were only half price !

I like them so much , I am going to hate to put them away.

Just have to tell all of ya'll this. My 4 year old granddaughter was over for a visit the other day and she had to go to the restroom . I told her to go ahead and if she needed me to just call out . She said I am afraid to go in there by myself ,  I said why ? And she said , I am afraid of the bird feathers ! LOL ....... she was talking about the pheasant feathers I had stuck into the vase of flowers . She is so funny.

What ........ you don't have punkins in your bathroom ? Surely I am not the only one !

Go see more table tops , just click the pic to your right in my sidebar and enjoy !


Theresa said...

I love your gold pumpkins... makes me wanna go to Michaels:) Little ones say the cutest things!

Have a blessed day dear Theresa!

mississippi artist said...

Very pretty. Kids are so funny about things aren't they.

Chris said...

That's one beautiful display, Theresa! (Even if it is a bit scary...LOL!)

Beverly said...

Theresa, I purchased those pumpkins, too. I couldn't resist either. They look beautiful. I never would have known that was in your bathroom.

Your granddaughter knew you would protect her.

jeanne said...

Hi Theresa, I am so bad about coming to your post and I am sad that I didn't know you have been posting my dear friend. I can only say Yippee!!!
I am so happy you are posting. I will be checking very often from now on.

I LOVE your pumpkins and I would have bought them too. I adore the feather story. Our grands are what makes our world go round.

I HAVE missed you so much.
Love, Jeanne

jeanne said...

Hey girl, just checking if you sneaked in a new post that I might miss. BIG smile.
Love you and miss you much,
XO Jeanne

Judi said...

Hi Theresa *hugs*
Your pumpkins should stay out...oh for the month of November anyway..*s*...

Your granddaughter made me chuckle...those little ones say the cutes things don't they?

I hope you are doing well..I've missed not seeing you about...

jeanne said...

Good morning dear Theresa, I came over to wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Much love, Jeanne