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Tuesday, December 2

Hey I gotta little Christmas cheer for you today !

This is the biggest tree I will have this year.Since the big " C " hit me I don't have the strength I used to have in this old body anymore. I should have put lights with white cords on it but I just didn't. Maybe next year. I love table top trees. I was in K Mart yesterday and they had a white tree with pink and green bulbs on it and it was so pretty ! It was so shabby chic !

I picked up this little JOY glitter sign at Dollar Tree and also this glitter poinsettia. Sometimes you can get some really kewl stuff at the Dollar Tree.
The santa and little girl figurine was a gift from my mom. I used to collect santas. My bedroom was nothing but santas for several years.I left them out year round.Hunny bunny used to tell everybody that I slept with santa claus ! But I have changed that now. I have almost all of them packed up and I am thinking about selling them. I might drag out some of them and show them to you .


tardevil said...

Oh, your tree is beautiful!!! I had forgotten you had cancer. I'm so sorry. I hope you will feel better in the coming year and throughout the holidays!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

I'm glad you found this lovely little tree ~ it seems to be just what you needed yesterday...for the Christmas Season!!

It's very pretty!!


Stacey said...

Gorgeous! It doesn't have to big to be perfect.

You are right, the Dollar Tree does have some incredible things.

Picket said...

Morning girl...ohhhh that little white tree is so pretty with the reds..my baby girl Jen has a big white tree in her bedroom all done in reds! Don't it just make you feel good to plug up some Christmas lights! lol Have a great day dear friend! ♥

DayPhoto said...

I am so sorry that you have had cancer, I really hope you are in remission. My sister-in-law is fighting colon C now.

I love your little tree, and sleeping with Santa.....my!


CIELO said...

Beautiful Christmas tree for a beautiful house and a beautiful lady...

Have a blessed day, Theresa....


The Muse said...

Winter Greetings!
I had to stop and give a heartfelt thank you for your recent comment on my Christmas Poem, The Unexpected Gift :) Each word, I will treasure and except them humbly and with sincere gratitude.

I hope to visit your blog often and I have opted to become a Follower :) (ooo LOL if that is ok? )

I know all about the taxing drain that occurs with the big "c"...
I think you are doing superbly with your lovely holiday tree :)
The joy of your spirit is greater than that which can be contained!

Blessings this day! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Your tree is so beautiful, Theresa! And thanks for good advices!.....Btw. I am Santa today.. Maria

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

I love your little tree! I too will have a little tree this year. I find it somewhat freeing to work in miniature. Then you can have as many as will fit your space too. Put them up high, down low, have a heyday!! Just try not to wear yourself out, we all care about you!

Tootsie said...

Your tree is beautiful. I am glad you had the strenght to at least do one! it is a keeper...green light cords or not! lol (truth be known no one would have noticed if you didn't tell!
I am inspired by your strength.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Theresa,
It's not the size of the tree that matters, but your Christmas spirit! And looks like you've got lots of that!

I think your tree is lovely!


Judy said...

What a pretty little tree. I haven't done a tree in years. I should get a little one like yours.

Nancy said...

Theresa, Your tree is gorgeous and perfect! I would love to see your santas! I bet you have some great ones! Nancy

The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL Theresa! I hope you informed Hunny Bunny that you still sleep with Santa!
I love your tabletop tree! Since the kids decided to come home this Christmas...I'm not sure what to do, tree wise. This season always is a tough one for me, if it weren't for Cowboy, I'd skip it altogether! But...now with grandkids and kids..I'm so looking forward to it! Haven't had to rummage through my Christmas brain in....let's see...14 years?? At OUR house?? Cowboy said to bring it ALL out this year!! We'll see...cuz then that means I have to put it ALL away too!!
Hope you have a wonderful week Theresa!

bj said...

I love your sweet tree...I am partial to the smaller ones and I have a table top tree, too.
You are such a sweet lady and I am so glad you are part of my blog world....
love, bj

The Quintessential Magpie said...

It all looks beautifully festive! I love the Dollar Tree. It's a regular haunt for me. Such fun things. And I love your little tree. I like table top trees, too. Looks great!


Sheila :-)