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Thursday, August 28

I give up !!

I am so-o-o-o mad this morning. I thought I would FINALLY have a day to myself. WRONG ! DH is on his way home. He has a brake problem with the truck . So I don't have time to do the post I was going to do for today. G-r--r--rr !
So kiddos I will try again tomorrow. I have got to get several posts prepared so I won't have this problem again . So see ya tomorrow, I HOPE !!!


Smilingsal said...

I'd be more able to believe that you were mad if the picture was a bull instead of that fat cow! lol

"Magnolia" said...

A day to myself....hhhmmm, don't quite know what that is. It's been SO long ago!!!

I hope you get yours tomorrow!!! (((HUGS)))

Rue said...

Oh... just tell him Theresa! How bad could it be? ;)


bj said...

I think we all treasure days to ourselves.... Sorry you didn't get to post the one you wanted.
I love getting my post together for a week or so, set them up on auto-post and forget it. I can change them any time, if something else comes along. You might try that and see if it works for you, too.
Your cow/bull is CUTE...lol
love, bj

Kim's Treasures said...

See you soon sweet Theresa!

Dawn said...

I know JUST HOW YOU FEEL! Last weekend my husband and son went camping. I was beyond words with excitment of all that time to myself...only to be disappointed when they came home a day early!!!

I hope tomorrow you get some of that "me" time back.

take care,

Vanessa Greenway said...

I know, I know... sometimes I like when dh goes out with friends so I can have a nice and quite evening... Hugs! Vanessa

Cathy said...

Oh I hear you! I finally got about 3 hours all alone and to myself yesterday. The first time in forever! However it too was almost missed. Here's hoping you get that day very, very soon! Shh...don't tell anyone beforehand--it must always be kept a secret! LOL!

Cathy :)

CIELO said...

Oh my goshhhh.... you're so funny... I just had to laugh out load with this post, and I'm at the office... hehehe!