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Monday, July 21

Up Date On The Antique Roadshow ................

Well here is the update . Got to the show bright and early Saturday morning at 6:45am. The girl in charge ask me my name, found it in her papers, then told me my piece had not been selected to be telvised . So Beverly you DON'T know a movie star after all, hehehehe , just a has been !
The girl told me to have a seat and wait and they would come get me for the meeting with the appraiser. Waited about 10 minutes and they came for me. My appraiser was a GOOD LOOKING fellow, he reminded me of John John Kennedy ! So he started telling me about my couch,he called it a settee.He said it is classified as Art Nuvo , maybe Arts and crafts. He said it was right on the line of both of them because of the time it was made. It was made between 1890 - 1900.It is approximately 100 -110 years old . Has the original upholstery.He said it was in very good condition and that a museum would be thrilled to get an item of its quality. He valued it at $6,000.00, he said if I put it in a shop for sale I probably could get more.But at auction maybe$6,000.00.
He said at the auctions the trend now was going for anything with the modern look .I personally do not like the modern look , but to each his own . The pieces that got televised were older than mine, a desk that I heard someone say appraised at $100.000.00 .Then someone else told the movers $30,000.00, so I really don't know, I couldn't hear the appraiser when she was talking to the owner. Just will have to wait for the television show and see.The show schedule will be released this fall, but probably will not be shown til 2009 sometime.
I also took an old painting that was valued at $600.00. The painting can be seen if you want to see it in my archives. So the couch my mom paid $12.50 for and the painting she paid $5.00 for , was a good investment.She stole them in other words.

I had fun doing this. I have taken all my letters from the road show and my emails and have put them in a baggie. I will then attach it to the back of the couch so its history can stay with it. My grandson I think was glad it wasn't worth anymore than the appraisal, because he wants it. I had told him if it appraised for alot of money I was going to sell it.So now he will get it when something happens to me.My oldest grand daughters don't give a hoot about it.That is not surprising because most women don't like the couch when they see it, but all the men love it.I guess it is because it is burly looking.I have a cousin that jokingly calls it King George's chair.

I don't have any pics to show you of the show because they wouldn't allow pictures to be taken. Someone said there are pics on the internet, but I don't know if they are of this show. I will go look and if they are I will post them on here.

Thanks for letting me bend your ear.


Jeanne said...

Theresa, I am spellbound by your story. The settee is beautiful to me, but I love antiques. I can't believe the Road Show wouldn't show it. I'm glad you are back safe and sound.

My grands are here this week, and the only reason I can comment is they are still sleeping. There are nine kids plus two of my daughters here and we are having a blast.

Love ya, Jeanne

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Neat story and history of your settee!! Thanks for sharing your experience!!


Kim's Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Your mom got a great deal (steal)!! I think it's really cool that your grandson wants the couch.
Have a great day!

CIELO said...

Well, at least you got to meet John Kennedy in person! :)



Jan and Tom's Place said...

Thanks for paying a visit today...and leaving your comments about the Peanut Butter Cake (yummy) and Baby Autumn. We appreciate all the prayers.


MARIA said...

Theresa... I have something for you on my blog... come get it!

Peace and love!

Garage sale gal said...

Hi Theresa,
That was awesome,anyways.Yes, you do have a great story and good idea to attach the history to the sofa. I'm having a little give away if you want to visit me. Warmly, Deb

Beverly said...

Theresa, you will always be a star to me. ;-)

I think this is still exciting news about your sofa and painting. And, they are beautiful.

I'm glad you have returned safely from your adventure.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks for updating us. A shame you're not going to be on the show, but at least you know more about the sofa now.

I too like it, and I am glad you are going to pass it down to your grandson.

I have my grandparents clock, along with their wedding photograph and wedding certificate. One of these days I will do a post on my blog about them.

They're not worth much but the sentimental value is priceless.


krystyna said...

Hi Theresa,
thank you so much for sharing your story. It is very interesting, I love antiques too.

I wish you many blessings!

Rue said...

That's an amazing story!

Count me in as an odd girl, because I LOVE your couch :)


Vanessa Greenway said...

Hi dear Theresa! Thanks for stopping by! You should join us too that would very nice! BTW I want my own magazine cover too! xo Vanessa

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Theresa, This sounds like such a fun experience! It is a shame that they didn't televise that beautiful settee. The Road Show was my FIL's favorite!

~Rhonda :)

Connie said...

You can bend my ear anytime, sweet chick! Thank you for visiting with me. I've been thinking about that magnifying mirror. Maybe I should lose mine also! Ooooh, it was frightening, my little cherub! Almost sent me into cardiac arrest!!

Jeanne said...

Hey girl, Thank you so much for visiting my post. I am hanging in so far. Two of my grandsons have been ill with the flu or something. Oh yeah, vomiting is involved. I have these mental picture of sickness on the wedding day. I pray it isn't me. Otherwise all is well, and we are having fun.

Thanks for visiting me. I am having a time getting to my friend's posts.

Love, Jeanne

Marie Antionette said...

Well, I think its just to kool.I bet you had alot of fun, and saw alot of interesting people and things.Hugs Marie Antionette