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Saturday, April 26

Little Brandi Is All Grown Up Now...sigh

This is my oldest granddaughter . Her name is Brandi . She is 16 now. I just can't believe it . Where in the world did all those years go ?
She went to the prom last night and she told me she danced her butt off LOL !!. I love her to pieces ! Justin is her brother ( in the pic above ).
I had 2 boys , so when Brandi was born I was absolutely estatic ( did I spell that right ). I hope you had a wonderful time Brandi ! I love you .


bj said...

Good morning...I am bj and so pleased to meet you. Beverly at HOW SWEET THE SOUND gave me directions to your place and I am so glad I didn't get lost on the way. You have a lovely blog...not NEARLY as lovely as Brandi, tho! haha I have 7 of these wonderful little female creatures and 3 little boys to go with them. My blessings...my heart !!
WELCOME so much to the Land of Blog...you are in for the time of your life.
Please come to see me anytime..I'm always home!
hugs and, again, WELCOME

Beverly said...

Theresa, you are so welcome. Maybe we can drum up a bit of traffic around here.

I just started by blog back up last month. I had mine for almost two years before, but I shut it down due to a problem I was having. You can't imagine how many times I have regretted that because I lost all of my old posts.

BJ, that just left you a comment, is one of the sweetest ladies you would ever want to meet. There are so many nice people around.

Good luck. Just keep reaching out and networking.

Mary said...

Hello Theresa. I'm Mary from ACROSS THE POND (I'm English but have lived here a very long time). I am in fact not far from you - in beautiful North Carolina, close to Beverly who directed me here to you!!! See it's a small world after all.

Life on that scenic mountain must be happy - such gorgeous views.
I welcome you to blogland - it's quite a ride and you will meet so many wonderful people who share your interests.

Come over and visit me when you have time. I love to decorate my cottage home, and you may find me working in the garden now that Spring is here and we are getting some rain at long last.

Welcome, and have a lovely weekend.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, how wonderful to have such a lovely granddaughter! My oldest daughter just got engaged so I am wondering the same thing, where does all the time go???

"Sigh" is right.