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Friday, April 25

Has The Cat Got Your Tongue ??????????????

Well I know this cat can't have EVERYBODIES tongue !!
Somebody please say something ! Maybe I have bad breath LOL !
Maybe he has bad breath , that might be why it's so quiet on here ROFLOL .


Beverly said...

Hmmm, I definitely don't want that cat to get my tongue. And, I don't smell any stinky breath. You made me laugh.

Just busy, and so glad that today is Friday. Have a great day and weekend.

Theresa said...

Oh Beverly , thanks for a comment ! I knew I could count on you ! You have a good day too sweetie !

PAT said...

Hi Theresa

Welcome to the land of blog. I just clicked here from Beverly's. I hope you'll come by the back porch sometime.

Enjoyed my visit here, have a wonderful weekend.
Back Porch Musings.

bj said...

You will find things are a lot slower in BlogLand on the weekends...Ladies have tons to do to catch up for next week, I guess. During the week, tho, comments fly right and left. It takes just a tiny while to get going but...I promise if you hang on, it will get busy around your place!
Sweet Beverly was very kind to let us know you are here and I will do the same...