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Wednesday, September 30

Have you ever eaten sorghum ? ? ? ...................

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The pics aren't in order so bear with me kids ! The pics were taken at a Mennonite communuty we visit alot . Here is some of their baked goods for sale.
I remember my grandmother saying that many times her mother would call them to the table to eat and all they would have is sorghum and cornbread to eat . Because that is all they had. You can put sorghum on pancakes, biscuits, or cornbread . My hunny bunny likes it over a bowl of cheerios.Yuck, not me ! But I did try it over the cornbread . I took the hot cornbread, put some butter on top, and poured the sorghum over it . Guess what ? It was GOOD !
To me sorghum has a strange tangy taste to it.I think it is one of those things you have to acquire a taste for.They sell a bread that I buy all the time and it has sorghum in it. It is very good also.
This is the finnished product bottled up and ready to sale.
The sugar cane juice is boiling.The foam is skimmed off .

This fella is feeding the sugar cane through that mechanism .See the stalks of sugar cane beside him . Notice the crushed cane laying below the mechanism.Can you see the juice running out of the spout, it's on the side.It's running into the covered barrel .

You can click on the pic to get a closer look if you need to.
And these big boys walk around and around turning the mechanism that is crushing the cane .

The end, hope you enjoyed !


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Theresa, I am catching up after a whirlwind four days celebrating Gabi's birthday. We have had lots of fun and through it all I got behind on blog visiting!:-)

We just bought molasses at the orchard when we went apple pickin', this month. I took the jar to the lake and there is where it stayed. Forgot it!! I was looking for it the other day. We always had sorghum on the table when I was a kid. I like to put some on butter and stir it all up and spread it on a hot biscuit...pure heaven! Granddad made a cough syrup from molasses. No alchohol. I remember when it came in tin buckets.

Bev @ The 3 Clutters said...

Very interesting. I have never heard of it. I am planny a trip to Amish Country soon and I am looking for it.

Theresa said...

Yes I have and LOVE it! It was my Daddy's favorite too:) Have a blessed day, great pictures!

Blondie's Journal said...

Very interesting, Theresa!! I am game to try anything once. We visit Amish Country in Napanee, Indiana every once in awhile and I bet they make and/or have it there. Thanks for the heads up!

Your pictures are very neat!


Mary said...

I really did enjoy this post. I never knew how this was done. Your photos are terrific. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Beverly said...

Hi, Theresa!

My husband loves molasses. He eats it like Pat - mixed with butter and spread on a biscuit. I've never acquired a taste for it that way, but I have used it in cakes and cookies.

Kammy said...

Wow alot of work for something so sweet - very worth it - Cool !

DayPhoto said...

Now that was a cool visit. Thank you for taking me along!


Ms. Bake-it said...

That was interesting! Thanks for taking us along with you.

~ Tracy

ginny said...

Very interesting, Theresa. But, I have never heard of it and I am not sure I would try it. What else do you eat it with? I think it is something we northerners don't get around here. Well, if it is Amish then it should be good for you, right?

jeanne said...

Hi Theresa, my cousin's husband lives for his sorghum. Every year when she visits me we have to find sorghum for Jerry. I really do not care for the taste of it. Your post is very interesting Theresa. Something I have never seen before. Good job girl!

Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

Barb said...

Hi Theresa,

I remember having sorghum at my grandma's house. Haven't had it since I was a kid.

Thank you for the tour. It looks like it was very interesting.


Cherdecor said...

When I was a kid, we took a trip to Tennessee and we saw a scene something like this one. We bought some sorghum, but it was so long ago, I don't know whether I liked it or not. I am sure that my dad did. Thanks for the nice pictures.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your post. You are the first person since a dear friend I've heard use the term 'honey-bunny'. My precious in-laws often spoke of eating sorghum. Thanks for the memories.

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

That was really interesting. I have never seen how sorghum was made. I have tried it, but really just stick with molasses when needed. I think my folks would occasionally use it as a topping for ice cream. The pictures were great!

Jacque said...

Good Morning Theresa!

Yes, I LOVE sorghum but you do have to have "a taste" for it. I agree, it is kinda tangy but SO GOOD mixed with butter and slathered on hot biscuits--YUM-O. I have tried it on cornbread but prefer it on biscuits.

Can you tell me where that village is located? There is suppose to be an Amish area around here but we haven't found it yet. We have seen some in their buggies in Athens and Etowah but don't know where their township is.

Thanks for sharing. I loved the pics!

krystyna said...

I have never seen or eaten sorghun... it looks yummy and good.
Especially with good bread and butter as you like.

Great photos, Theresa.... I feel a wonderful arome here...and last pics with horses look like historical.
Thanks for sharing.
I'll be looking for sorghun.

Ana said...

Hi Theresa,
Just wanted to say thank you for your kind words yesterday. If you have a momemt come over and see what I did. Have a blessed day.


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

No never had it! I enjoyed your pictures and your post!


Marie Antionette said...

This is just the coolest post.My son inlaw works for Domino sugar.We live in sugar cane country here.But I never seen cane crushed like that.XXOO Marie Antionette

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Yes, indeed, I have eaten it, Theresa, and I think it's the best syrup ever! My great uncle used to make it with a cane press and mules. When he was 97, he hobbled out to his shed to give me one of the last buckets (he put it up in these buckets) he had left of it that he actually made himself. Later, he had a farm helper make it. His was some of the best. I love it. His had this smoky flavor I can't describe, but YUM!


Sheila (who got her computer back! YEA!):-)

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!