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Thursday, June 25

Fast and furious ...............................

That is how the garden is bearing ! I am out picking every morning at 6:30am . Trying to pick before the sun gets too hot.I don't do well in the heat anymore. I love seeing what I find every morning. Today I found green beans,zuchini, yellow squash and green tomatoes. I love fried green tomatoes ! I will put these green tomatoes in with my squash today when I cook them .
I think I am doing pretty well with this garden,beings as I have had no help with it. Grand daughter did come and help me weed yesterday morning; she said "boy mamaw,this is a total body workout isn't it ?" LOL . I"ll second that !!
When I get time I will post a good squash casserole recipe for you to try .
Thanks for stopping by today !


jeanne said...

Hi Thersa, I have been trying to ctch up and finally here I am. Your garden looks awesome. Mmmmm the veggies make me jealous. I know a garden is soooo much work and I doubt we will ever put one in. I will use some container gardening though. I guess I'll just have to visit the produce farm for my fresh veggies. thankfully we have one near by.

We are so busy, will it ever end??? I am loving the action though. My mom always said "I'll rest when I'm dead." I hope that will be a long time. BIG smile.

My children are making an old woman out of me. However, I still am young in my thinking and heart. My daughter turning 50 is a wake up call. LOL.

Have a wonderful week my dear blogging friend.


Allidink said...

Oh yum, love zucchini and green beans :)

All the best,

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Wow, your garden is beautiful and your veggies so pretty! I am just in awe, cannot believe you are doing this all by yourself. I gotta get some yellow squash!

bj said...

This is go great..my mother and dad always had a garden and talk about work...whew...we worked ourselves to death. But the veggies were so good. We are raising a few tomatoes and peppers this year but that's all.
Don't work too hard, dear friend..
xo bj

Kim's Treasures said...


Your garden is doing amazing!!! I would try planting the pumpkins! When I went out to look today, I found 5 pea-sized pumpkin babies!!!! I'm excited!

This blog fog has been the pits lately! I hope it dissipates soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Boy those are some good looking vegetables. I too like fried green tomatoes. Have a blessed Sunday...m.


Hello Friend!!
SOrry I haven't been around to see you in awhile...
Your garden is HUGE and the rewards are great!
Love your cloches and you gave me some good ideas.
I only planted cukes, greenbeans, tomatoes and white and orange pumpkins as per Grand daughter!
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful garden! There is nothing quite like fresh vegtables and seeing your garden come to life. I hope you are enjoying your weekend ♥