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Friday, December 12

If you are a mom , you are going to relate to this video. But first turn off my music.

To turn off my music just scroll down and when you see my play list just click on the little square thingie in the upper right hand corner and that should turn it off.If it doesn't let me know.
Your gonna love this !!
I can't believe she can sing this so fast . It's like she sang it with one big breath LOL .


Dawn said...

Hi Theresa, I've seen her do that before (although some of the words aren't familiar this time around!). It's too funny and so true :)

To answer your question. I'm not sure where Brittainy got her steam machine though I think she said CVS (a pharmacy). I bought mine at a local department store. It was $39.99 and I got it on sale for $29.99. It's a small handheld machine, but it does the job well.

take care,

Tea Time With Melody said...

I too have seen this before but I just love it. Thanks for sharing it again. :)

Happy To Be said...

Hey Theresa how one of my favorite ladies doing tonight?? thanks so much for coming by wished I had been at home girl I would have blessed you haha!! and I will probably sit a fake fern in it after Christmas and put it in my entry way..Girl I am suppose to do PINK satursday and all my picture are on my desktop and guess what my mointor went out today and my new one won't be here until Wednesday..I am hoping I can take some more and put on this laptop..I never add pics to this one..so now I have to run around and take more pics...ain't life grand..just told Len I got pieces in this house that still work over a 100 years old and buy something new and it will last 2 years now days..I think I will do a post about the that...have a great evening dear friend..hugs and smiles Gloria

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

OMG!!! That's too funny. I could never talk that fast. Heck, I can't even think that fast.
Hugs, Terrie

Jody Blue said...

Very nice blog! Thanks for sharing, I'll be back and visit again.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Theresa, that is a riot! I'm still laughing. LOL! Thanks! I needed that! :-)



Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

Okay, I have not seen it and I think it it hilarious and so true! Loved the stacking santa too, he looks very at comfortable at his new home!

lvroftiques said...

I've seen it before too, but I could swear some of the lyrics have changed. Totally hilarious! And she has quite a good singing voice! *winks* Vanna

S.W said...

Hello Theresa, how are you dear?..
this woman is "soooo fast" in singing . I loved it

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Smilingsal said...

I think this may be another performer. The one I remember is a bit smaller. It's a funny bit.

jeanne said...

Theresa, my granddaughter Molly Rose and I just listened to the MOM thing. We loved it. We are having a great time with my darlings.

Christmas love...Jeanne

kari and kijsa said...

This is too funny!
We have a fun giveaway of a target gift card today with the AHA for go red! A little early Christmas gift!

kari & kijsa

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Theresa, this funny lady has been ease dropping at my house...she repeated everything I have ever said to my children!!LOL. Just loved it. Love your snow falling on your blog! blessings, Kathleen