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Monday, December 8

Here's ya some blue .................

Well today I am showing you the top of my hutch.The Christmas arrangement is hiding the big ginger jar. But that's ok I guess because most of you have already seen the one that sits on my bar all the time.When I found the ginger jars I just loved them and had to have 2 of them.Over to the left, showing in the back, is my yard sale find. A metal tray, I just paid a dollar for it, but I think it is worth more than that.
Oh and there is another little ginger jar to the right of the arrangement. The pitcher I got at Cracker Barrel. I used to find the neatest stuff at Cracker Barrel, but it seems like they don't ever have anything good anymore.Even their food isn't as good as it used to be.
Over to your left is a funny looking teapot, but I didn't have it in the pic all the way, so sorry about that. So, onto the the peek of the blue glasses inside the hutch
and lastly some of the blue wallpaper showing in the background.

If you want to see other pretty blues just click on the bluebird in my sidebar to the right and you can look to your hearts content! Blue Monday is hosted by Sally at Smiling Sally .



Hey..I'm first and I just left a comment on the last post and here I am again:)
LOVE the BLUE...
Happy Monday.
Merry Christmas!!!

Coloradolady said...

Lovely photo for today. I love all your blue in your kitchen. I love garage sales too, you can find the best things sometimes for very little. Have a great week.

Claudie said...

Love all your blues, but LOVE your wallpaper.
Happy Blue Monday
Claudie from Canada

imjacobsmom said...

You sure have some pretty blue finds. I used to get a lot of cute things from Cracker Barrel, too. Hope you are having a Happy Blue Monday! ~ Robyn

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Theresa, I love all the blue on top of your hutch! So very pretty!
Happy Blue Monday....Ann

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Such pretty and festive blue's today.
Have a great Blue Monday!

The Muse said...

LOL, love the title on the post LOL xo
Great vignette!

CC said...

Your blues are all lovely..my favorite is the pitcher. Happy Blue Monday..

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Love the blue post. Have a week filled with good things...m..

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh! I love blue and white porcelain! So pretty! And Craker Barrel is one of my favorite places to be neat things, too! :-)

Happy Blue Monday!



Eleanor said...

Your blue collection are stunning and such bargains to boot. The wall paper is very special. Happy Monday!

Smilingsal said...

Love, love, love your blue! You have such good taste. Happy Blue Monday!

bj said...

ummmm, I love all you luscious blues...they are just beautiful on top of your great hutch!
Have a happy day,

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow... all of your blue china and other items are great.. I love blue and white too!! I was at cracker barrel the other day, and there were tons of stuff on display ...thanks for sharing with us... Baba

Shelia said...

Morning, Theresa! I love your Blueness on top of your hutch. You have some pretties! I agree with you about the Cracker Barrel! I think, let's go eat there, and then remember how yuckky it was the last time.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Knitty said...

Blue and white makes a nice backdrop for a pop of red at the holidays. Happy Blue Monday!

jeanne said...

Good morning Theresa, I do love your blue. I have always admired blue and white but have never collected it. Green is my favorite color that might have something to do with it. LOL.

Have a wonderful day my friend.

Christmas hugs...Jeanne

splummer said...

Your Blue is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.


Sweetie said...

I love all the blue but especially the tray. I was disappointed the last few times that I was at Cracker Barrel also. Happy Blue Monday.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Theresa, The blue and white is both stunning and beautiful! Love your mantel below, too! Your home is beautiful! :) ~Rhonda

Chris said...

Hi Theresa! I love your decorations, especially the Nativity scene and the little red & white tree!

Thought I should warn you, I mentioned you and your reading glasses over at Refining Life!

Hugs Sweetie! Chris

DayPhoto said...

What you said on my post

Oh my gosh ! That water bill reminded me of my electric bill last year when something happened to the heat pump.Got a $411.00 bill.I came un glued ! Now it makes me paranoid when the heat runs a long time.
That man of yours sure is a worker !

So now I suppose the cow water tank will break and the water will flood the corralls....oh, I can't borrow trouble, now can I?


Tootsie said...

I really like the blue! I have a couple of tea pots in the blue and white...but that is all I have collected!

Beverly said...

Theresa, it is all so pretty. And, your arrangement makes it so festive.

I know what you mean about Jeanne. You just never know what that girl is getting into. ;-)

Joyce said...

Hi Theresa! Somewhere in one of your posts you had a recipe for chocolate fudge cookies using a devils food cake mix. I made them yesterday and they were great!!! Just wanted to thank you for that recipe - they were quick and easy and loved by all!!

Love your blue! It looks lovely, as does your header. Hope you are well and enjoying this time leading up to Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I just love all your pretty blue.

CIELO said...

Beautiful blue dishes and porcelain... and I love the way you've arrange them... Happy Blue Monday... I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of your treasure.... could be a pic of your lovely blues... ;)



the voice of melody said...

The pitcher is beautiful. That was a nice find from Cracker Barrel!

Valerie@travelingthrough2 said...

So very pretty, I scroll down to post and have to scroll up again to look just because it is so pretty. Okay, off to work with me. I may peak at your beautiful blue again later though!

Dawn said...

Everything is so pretty. I love the wood on your hutch too! That picture would make a wonderful blog header!!!

take care,

lvroftiques said...

Ooohhhh what beautiful blues you have!! Vanna

Becky said...

Hi Theresa,
I love blue and you have some of the prettiest pieces. What a great collection! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. You are such an encourager to me.
Have a great week and I wish I could offer you one of those cupcakes but I think the snowman ate them..lol

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lookie at your blue!! I don't have any blue in my house- then I put up my dining room Christmas decor and realized my dining wallpaper is blue!!!!! I guess I could do at least 1 blue monday!!!! LOL


The W.O.W. factor said...

You know Theresa..you covered Blue Monday, Christmas with the decorations~and you combined it all into very Patriotic!
Now that is cool!
When we were in AZ, I loved Cracker Barrel! They had some really cool stuff!
Have a wonderful week!

Carrie said...

Blue and white is such a great combination for ceramics and porcelain.

Nancy said...

Love all the blue Theresa! You really have the best blues! Nancy