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Friday, September 26

Little tour.....

We had to go on an early morning errand the other day and I grabbed the camera as I went out the door. Here are some shots I took out of the car window along the way. Hope you enjoy and have a glorious and blessed weekend ! !


jeanne said...

Theresa, that pumpkin is interesting. I enlarged it and figured you saw it in a field. Neat photo. You sunrise photos are very nice. It is nice that you got the sun in a progression of coming up. Are those dolls yours on your heading? They are adorable.

Thank you for the compliment about my son. He was the most beautiful little boy and grew up to be a nice looking guy. He doesn't think he is handsome and that's what makes him so sweet.

Hugs and love...Jeanne

DayPhoto said...

Love your photos!

Where in Tennessee do you live?

I'm in Delta, Colorado about 1 hour from Grand Junction, Colorado.


CIELO said...

Beautiful scenery... you're lucky to leave in a place where nature burst everywhere with its magnificent views.... I love the country side..... :)

Have a great weekend, sweet lady


Connie said...

That is a photo that could win a contest, chickee!! It just speaks to me of nature. You're very blessed to have gotten that pix....always, remember your camera!!!! LOL

Smilingsal said...

Thank you for taking that camera along. I've never seen a pumpkin patch before!

Kim's Treasures said...


Becky said...

I love to see all the pumkins and pumkin patches in the fall. It reminds me that I haven't had a piece of Pumkin Pie. hmmmmm I'll see you later. Gotta run to the Villiage Inn for some Pie.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Hello my dear Theresa! Lovely photo! I really enjoy seeing pumpkins all around at this time of year. Love the colors of it, shape and taste. Have a nice evening! Hugs! Vanessa


Hi Theresa,
Your photos are very nice and I'm glad your brought your camera. Thanks for sharing them.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Theresa,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Blogging has helped me enjoy my camera so much more!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh, I love those foggy??, Misty?? pictures! I Can feel and smell the crisp air!
Have a great weekend Theresa!

Dawn said...

Those are beautiful morning pictures. Is the pumpkin something you saw on your morning drive?

take care,