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Saturday, September 6

A great day ..................

Once a month the girls in our family get together for lunch. We have cousins, sisters, grand children and we let the guys come too if they want too. This time we went to the "Houseboat".This restaurant is located on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga ,Tn. my hometown.It has a big porch overlooking the river with lots of tables.It was so nice and shady, so we ate out on the porch. I love to eat outside.

There is my mom and granddaughter trying to figure out what to eat.They look really engrossed don't they ! The other pic is a boat that takes you on a little tour of the river. DH and I went on a midnight cruise on that boat one time.We were on the top deck so we could enjoy the night. We kept hearing such good music coming from the speakers and really enjoyed it while we cruised on down the river. So at the end of the cruise just as we were going to dock, we went to the bottom deck. And lo and behold we had missed the THE PARTY ! That's where all the good music was coming from!
We looked at each other and just died laughing! Talk about party poopers !
Some of us in the family are thinking about going on a Thanksgiving dinner cruise on that same boat. Everybody have a blessed day !


Shelia said...

Morning, Theresa! Oh, no, dear, I'm a Pink nut!! Oh this dinner boat looks wonderful! I grew up in Fort Payne, Alabama, and had an uncle who lived close to Chattanooga! You look so much like your mother! At first I thought, this is Theresa, but she looks much older than her picture and then I read it was your mother! Isn't that something! I'm sure the food was good ~ looks like it was hard to make decisions on lunch!
Be a sweetie,
Sheali :)

Jeanne said...

Theresa, you are so right about kids and 'My Space' My grandkids know about blogging only because of mine. Such is life.

I love the boat and the lunch idea. It is so important to have fun with our families. I like the girls day out thing the most. There is major concentration going on at that table. Smile. One day maybe we can get together. I would love that. It is not like we live so far away.

Hugs, Jeanne

bj said...

That sounds like such a wonderful time!

Connie said...

Hi Theresa, just trying to catch up and almost done it, chick!! Woohoo, love fish and seafood. That dark haired cutie is lovely also, honey!!

Smilingsal said...

You and your mom really look alike; she's pretty too. Granddaughter's a looker too! I wonder...is that boat the General Jackson? If so, Johnny and I dined on it on one of our anniversaries. Loved it!

Cherdecor said...

How blessed you are to have family near you and to be able to do something like this! I would LOVE to do that and especially near the river. What a great time you must have had!

Pat @ Back Porch Musings said...

Fun post! Looks like something we would like to do!

Gill - That British Woman said...

The General Jackson is in Nashville, we did a dinner boat cruise on that last time we were in Naschville. I am posting about Pigeon Forge tomorrow on my blog.

Gill in Canada

Chris said...

Theresa. looks like a fun lunch! Great idea to get together on a regular basis!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! Chattanooga, TN...one place I lived...and loved!!!


santamaker said...

HI Theresa, thanks so much for coming over to my little blog and welcoming me to blogland...Love yours! The music is great and we have so much in common! I used to live in Chattanooga and went on that river cruise to see the leaves turning in the fall..so pretty! I've also been to the riverboat restaurant..Chatt is such a beautiful city! I now live Acworth, NW of Atlanta. Had to laugh about you and the reading glasses! I am sooo guilty of the same thing! I must have 20 or so...Dollartree! gotta love them, but at times can't find a single pair. Well, nice to "meet cha"..
Be good! Santa

MARIA said...

Hi Theresa,
what a lovely idea - once a month the girls get together for lunch. I must think about this. Maybe in my family I should do this with my girls.
I can imagine what a wonderful time it was in the Houseboat.

Have a blessing Sunday!

Judy said...

What a grea idea and I love the boat.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Wow! I bet you all have so much fun! I like the idea of "Thanksgiving on a boat". I wish I could do something different and fun for Thanksgiving. Hugs! Vanessa

Rue said...

Good morning Theresa :)

I love dinner cruises! I think it would be great for Thanksgiving :)


Nancy said...

Hi Theresa, what a wonderful thing, that all you gals get together once a mo. and it looks like you had a great time. Blessings, nancy

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Theresa, This looks like the perfect day. Hugs, Terrie/Teresa