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Wednesday, August 20

Gone to give grandson a helping hand ............

We are gone today to help grandson move into the dorm at the university . I still can't believe he is already 18. He has such high hopes and ambitions. Justin is very unique. I know he will go far in life. In fact I am afraid he will go too far , too far from home that is .
His mother,grandmother Joy , great grandmother Wilma , and me, grandmother Theresa are all going up with him . I can't believe he wanted ALL of us to go. I would have thought he would have been embarrassed with all of of us ole hens going with him .But it was his ideal and he insisted on it.
He already has a job there waiting on him , so is is set to go. His best friend since kindergarten is also going there and they are room mates. His room mates sister already attends there also . So at least he already knows someone, and maybe he won't get lonesome. I think it is me that will get lonesome. Justin has always been such a good kid and will do anything I ask him .
I am going to hush before I start crying . Besides I have to get up at 4 o'clock and here I sit . See ya tomorrow !


Jeanne said...

Theresa, I loved reading about Justin and his grandmothers, all sending him off to college. He must be a special guy. Wishing him the best at school. I know you are proud of him. I would be too. Have a good trip.

Love and Hugs, Jeanne

PS, you are in the book drawing. best of luck my friend.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh how precious that picture is! And SO fitting for this post!! What a priviledge to be included in this big day with Grandson!
Have fun, Barb

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Have a great time...all 3 of you Old Hens, as you put it...with the grandson going off to College!


Dawn said...

I think it is so sweet that he wants you to be there! He sounds like a great kid! I hope you enjoy the day with Justin.

take care,

Eleanor said...

I can well remember both times we dropped my daughters off at unviversity residence to begin their new lives as students. It was heart wrenching for us and not a little scary for them. But Justin will do just fine. There is a poem about a boy leaving his father to go to school that ends with these words: "Love is proved in the letting go".
Love Eleanor

Barb said...

Hi Theresa,

I think it is a true testament that Justin wanted all the grandma's to go up with him. You ladies obviously have made a difference in his life.

Have fun!


CIELO said...

Good morning, sweet Theresa! I'm back home and posting again..... the galaxies and stars send their best wishes to you and your grandsond..... may our Heavenly Father bless you and yours... and thank you for your comments and concerns.... ALL IS GOOD!

I love you


CIELO said...

Good morning, sweet Theresa! I'm back home and posting again..... the galaxies and stars send their best wishes to you and your grandsond..... may our Heavenly Father bless you and yours... and thank you for your comments and concerns.... ALL IS GOOD!

I love you


Kim's Treasures said...

It sure sounds like you have one sweet grandson! Hope the move went well! I bet you are proud of him and what he is to accomplish!
Have a great day!

Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

Oh Theresa! What a beautiful post!! I think it is so special that your grandson wants all of you there at this time in his life. I'm sure it will be difficult to leave, but I love what Eleanor wrote, "Love is proved in the letting go". Wow! That is powerful!!!

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!!!

Smilingsal said...

Ah, what a special young man he is to want his family around him. I don't blame you for sniffling.

Rue said...

Hi Theresa :)

I'm sorry you're going to be missing your grandson. I have an idea... get crackin' on that all white bedroom! ;) Have fun giving him help. I think he's gonna miss you too and that's why he asked all of you girls to come with him :)

I loved the pictures of the winery and the vegetable stand. That sign cracked me up! LOL


krystyna said...

Hi Theresa!
I understand your feeling.
Put his life in God's hands
and be proud of your great grandson.
I wish him a lot of blessings in his new life!

Peace & Love
to you Theresa and to your family!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Theresa! Sorry I haven't been stopping by much lately...really haven't visited blogland much in the past weeks. :(

Love reading your post today. Hope your trip went well.

Hugs, Sharon

Jeanne said...

Theresa, I went shopping with my sister and to lunch..it was for her birthday. We drove two hours to an outlet mall in Pigeon Forge NC. We met our guys for dinner back home in Franklin and then home. I found things I needed for the hospital so I am all set. We had fun but I am dog tired. We actually drove through the Smokey Mountains Nat'l. Park twice. Have you ever been there? Thank you for your comments on my diva post. I can't tell you how much I laughed doing that post.

How did it go getting Justin off to school? I sure do wish him good luck.

Love and hugs, Jeanne

Shelia said...

Hi Theresa! Hope all goes well as your helping your grandson. Pop in to see me sometimes, I'm back and ready to rock and roll!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Beverly said...

Theresa, he sounds like a wonderful young man. You are blessed to have each other. Enjoy your time together.

MARIA said...

This pic is super!

Blessings to your grandson!

Have a good, healthy and lovely weekend, dear Theresa!

Mary Isabella said...

Have a sweet and blessed weekend...Mary

Shelia said...

Evening, Theresa! Well, I got no grapes, but I did get a candle!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Mary said...

How lovely that Justin wants all you gals to go along - he must be a fine young man.

Theresa - I would definitely get Jasmin a piano because she seems talented, although she's had no instruction as yet. She likes to compose little pieces of her own and can play by ear. Problem is, she lives in a small apt. with her mom - no place for a piano - and our small cottage doesn't have anywhere either unfortunately. Hopefully later her dream will come true if they can move to a house!

Hope all is well and that you have renewed energy now the cooler weather is coing - thank goodness!
Enjoy the weekend.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Theresa!
Please go take a peek at my blog!
Hugs, Sharon

SweetAnnee said...

Are you back home yet..How did the move go??
It's hard when our babies become adults and we have to let go a bit..

fondly, Deena

Picket said...

Oh my word what a special young man you have there to want his beloved grandmothers to be a part of this time in his life...that speaks volumes of his character and love for you...I just wanted to say thank you sweetie for calling my name in prayer...That means so much to me and I am praising God that things are so much better...Thanks girl!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

That was the sweetest post about your grandson and wanting all of you ladies to accompany him! He sounds like a great young man! Love your bust statues from Old Time Pottery. I was at ours Friday, but had "fall decor" on my mind! :) ~Rhonda

CIELO said...

Hi, sweet Teresita! Hope you're having fun taking care of your angel.... I miss you! Come back to us soon....