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Thursday, June 26


I hit a woman in the rear end ! This is my FIRST wreck ! We were both going along yielding into traffic, I looked over my shoulder to make sure nothing was coming,the coast was clear and when I turned my head back around she had come to a dead stop !What a week ! I need Calgon to "take me away" !


Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Theresa, I hope you weren't hurt! Even a little bump can make you sore for a few days!

I have almost done that very thing myself. Just when you think you are trying to be safe!

Hope you get that break you need!

Barb said...

Are you O.K?

I really hope your week gets better.
Take good, good care of yourself.

hugs to you,

Beverly said...

Well, major bummer. I just know your week is going to get better soon.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Hello dear! Hope you're doing just fine! Please check out my blog for the award I'm giving to you! Hugs, Vanessa

Judy said...

You are having a bad week. I hope you are OK!! Thanks for visiting so often. I love your comments.

Joyce on her Justified Journey said...

Oh Theresa! I'm so sorry about your car. I can relate as I had a little fender bender myself on Tuesday evening. I will be posting a pix on my blog also, but I could just scream about it!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I hope everyone was okay! Even so I know it is very upsetting. I love your garden especially the area with the bike, so cute! Thanks for the visit, come back soon.
Hugs, Kelly

Mary said...

So sorry your week has been bad - and sad!! Poor babies - hope the parents got away and can start a new family.
As for your accident - thank goodness it was a minor bump and hopefully you are not hurting anywhere.
Hope the weekend will be a good time and you can relax and enjoy.
Warm hugs - Mary.

PAT said...

Hi Theresa

I'm sorry to hear about your mishap! By the way, I love the color of your car. Pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sweetie said...

This isn't a bit funny but yesterday I was rear-ended. The car behind me stopped while I had my turn signal on to make a left turn. The guy behind the guy behind me hit him and he, in turn, hit me. There was just a mark on my bumper but the car behind me received some major damage. No one was hurt and that was the big thing. Also, my car is the same color as your. And - I love your blog.

krystyna said...

Hope you are well now.

Wish you anly the best!