WELCOME .....come on in and let's chat awhile .
That is just fairy dust falling. Just knock the dust off of your shoes and come on in !

Wednesday, May 7

Show Me Wednesday...........

Okee dokee Cathy , here is my front door . Welcome and come on in , I've got the coffee on ! How do you like my new wreath ?


Cathy said...

Theresa, it's beautiful! Very inviting too with the quilt and rocker and I love the new wreath! Ok, I need you to come and help me decorate my boring old front door!

Cathy :)

Beverly said...

It looks charming - so fresh and inviting.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Theresa. Nice to meet you! Your wreath is beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Hello Theresa! So wonderful to meet you. My dear sweet aunt was named Theresa, too!

Love your inviting front door!

Angelic Accents

Mary said...

It certainly says "Welcome" and I wish I could stop by! Very pretty entrance Theresa.

papel1 said...

Just wanted you to know I came looking for your door. I can't come knocking but I can say hello.
New to your blog.