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Tuesday, May 20

My best yard sale find !!

The BEST yard sale find ever is the Hull pottery pitcher on the right . I love the pink & blue & yellow. My husband stopped to talk to this man he knows & across the street a girl was having a yard sale .She had 1 little table full of stuff . I thought to myself, that is not even worth getting out for. But I thought well it will pass some time while waiting on him to get through talking .
The minute I walked up to the table my eyes caught onto the pitcher. I thought that can't be a piece of Hull . I didn't even pick it up or turn it over.I said how much for the little pitcher and she said ( oh I still can't believe what she said ) she said 50 cents !!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I almost passed out ! I was so excited ! I almost couldn't contain myself, my heart was running wild, my knees were weak and I wanted to scream out , I'LL TAKE IT ! All the while I never picked it up. So I got my 50 cents out and paid for it, picked it up and got back into the car. Then I turned it over and it had Hull on the bottom of it . OH HAPPY day, I did the happy dance the rest of the day. The little pitcher is flawless , not a chip or scratch anywhere on it . It is truly my little treasure. The girl said it belonged to her grandmother. I can't believe she sold it. I am so sentimental about anything that belonged to my family or friends .
The plate , I found it at Nashville Tn. fairgrounds flea market . It is from Germany , I paid $10.
for it . The little holder it is sitting on was from a yard sale , it was 50 cents . The cup and saucer my sweet momma bought for me when we were out antiquing one day, it was $ 25. 00. And last the lamp in the back that you can't see too good is an old carnival glass piece that was my great uncle & aunt's .
If you have never been to Nashville flea market , it is the last weekend of every month .


CIELO said...

wow... those antiques dishes and vase are just amazing... and awesome price! Good for you...!

PD: why can't I go to your blog by clicking your name on comments left on my blog??? I always have the hardess time finding your blog... apparently something is not set right on your "profile" that doesn't let me get here... snif!

Have a great day, sweetie


CIELO said...

heheheeh.... I can come here all I want now....!! thank YOU!


Jeannehttp://backyardneighbor.typepad.com/ said...

I adore your yard sale finds. Words can't express how much fun it is to find a beautiful treasure for fifty cents. My motto about any yard sale is "You never know when you might find a sleeper" My cousin says when arriving late, " she had car trouble, it stops at yard sales'.

Thanks for sharing your great "sleepers"

Take care, Jeanne

IsabellaCloset said...

Theresa, Oh my gosh what beautiful treasures! I love them all especially the Hull Rose pitcher. It is just GORGEOUS!!! What a find for 50 cents! I bet your heart was pounding. What a rush LOL.. Yippee!
Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

Beverly said...

Theresa, your yard sale finds are just wonderful. I'm so glad you shared them with us.

I laughed at Jeanne's comment. She has insisted at stopping at "sleepers" for years.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Theresa.
WOW...did you get lucky with that find for 50 cents ~ a Hull pitcher!
Seems like it a great day for you.
Thank you for your king words left on my blog. I was thinking about going to Franklin, TN to go antiquing. Do you know anything about this area near NAshville?
Hugs, Sharon

Eleanor said...

What a wonderful find! Wish I could come and visit those yard sales with you. Enjoy your day. Eleanor

Betty Jo said...

OMGosh! Your Hull pitcher was such a find. Congrats!! xoxo

Alia said...

Interesting to know.