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Monday, April 14

Yard Sale Goodies........

Got these goodies at some yard sales this weekend. Will probably paint the old kettle and put a light in it . Probably will do the same with the coffee pot also . Might put a flower arrangement in the little cart . Although the cart would be good to keep notes in or bills .
And I might put a light in the blue pan. I am going to keep the little bottle & put it in my bathroom .
I think the little white base with the flowers on it used to be a lamp base.
It has a hole in the bottom of it also . I might try to fix it & keep it . I will use the berries in an arrangement .
Oh , I almost forgot the bread box , I will paint it & put something on it , maybe I will paint a chicken on it . I have tons of things to redo . I just keep buying it & putting it in the garage , whew-w-w-w-w , I think it is a sickness !!


The Country Junction said...

Theresa thanks for visiting my blog - Eureka is in St. Louis, about 3 hours from Branson.

to answer your question, I still do not see a picture on that one "good morning" post - but I DO see all your pictures after that! you have a BEAUTIFUL home!!!

Donna said...

Theresa ~ I love all of your finds! Can't wait to see all of your finished projects. I am new to your site, but I will be back. I am a new blogger, and I love it. Come to visit some time. ~Donna

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Donna I would love to visit ya but you are showing up anonymous> Maybe you can fix it .Thanks for the above comment, come back soon .