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Monday, April 21

Meet the girls ....they're ready to twirl !

This my collection of Dresden dolls that my mother gave me . She got these in Germany about 45 years ago . I just love the lace on them .


Beverly said...

Oh my goodness gracious, Theresa. What a wonderful collection you have, and every one is beautiful. I know what a treasure this must be for you. Thank you so much for showing us.

All but two of my figures are Irish Dresden, but I do have those two that are German. They belonged to my first cousin once-removed, and she got them in the 1940s when they were stationed in Germany. She kept them in a cabinet in her living room, and I always looked at them when I was a little girl. She passed away about twelve years ago, and she had everything in her home sold through an auction. I made sure that I was able to get two - and some other wonderful things, too.

bj said...

How beautiful these are...no wonder you are so proud of them....