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Tuesday, April 29

I hope I'm going to the Antique Road Show !

I thought I would show you this picture today. The Antique Road Show is coming to Chattanooga, Tn .this summer and they wanted submissions of large furniture. So I submitted pics of my old couch & this old picture. My mother got this picture from the same gentleman she got the couch from. I don't really know anything about the pic. I believe it is a scene from Rome, Italy.
I remember from high school, in world history, seeing this scene. I think it is the bridge of seven angels.But not really sure. It has a name in the corner, but I haven't looked at it in so long that I can't remember the signature. Has anybody ever seen this before ?


Beverly said...

Going to the Antique Roadshow would be such an adventure. They came hear, but I wasn't able to attend.

Pat said...

Hi Theresa!

Beautiful painting! How exciting to be Catle St. Angelo? I love to watch it and often wish I had soemthing f value to show.

Could that be St Peter's Bascilica and Castel Sant Angelo? See the picture of the castel here:

Hugs, Pat